My name is Jefferson, While working for the Evil Queen Regina I traveled through my hat to Wonderland where I was stuck 'till I could make a new hat.. But they all need Magic, Magic I can't seem to get right.

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//I think it’s time for some more skyrim. Gotta train Cedric up!


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"Now that Nat dropped me out of her schedule you should be seeing a lot more of me." He shrugged.

"Maybe I could teach you something in return for the SHIELD training that you’ve given me."


"I have it at the hotel," he said. "Though we can get you something else slinky onboard."

"I’m quite alright for now, love. If I stand up I think I might pass out."

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"Sorry," he said, perking up a little. "Would it help if I said you're the only one who cheers me up?"

"Quite possibly. My only regret is that I don’t get to see you often."


"You are by far the most beautiful being I’ve been with. And that’s saying a lot because I’ve had supermodels. Wait till we get you in something slinky."

"And i’m assuming you have this something on board. Lest it be talked about for nothing."

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"Guess that's one way to look at it," he shrugged. "Still doesn't change anything."

"You’re going to break my heart like this Clint."

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He made a face. "I fight with a weapon from the caveman days. Everyone on the team has cool superpowers. Even a god. Even Nat has superpowers, I think. But me? If I miss, I'm just another dude with a bow."

"Bows aren’t from the caveman days. We used them back in my world and they were more reliable than magic. Granted I was better at throwing knives but, still. If someone’s superpowers wain, if technology breaks you can still fight."


Rumple tries to perfect his ability to shape shift, only to annoy Belle.


"Dick," he scowled, but there was some affection in his voice. "Street urchin!"

He turned back to her. “Excuse him. He’s never been in the presence of a beautiful lady.”

"Beautiful?" She scoffed. "I’m average at best."

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He shrugged at that. "Spa days aren't exactly what SHIELD agents want or need."

"You’re also impossibly fast, agile and great with a bow. Don’t sell yourself short, Clint."

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[text] i should have known. i should have seen the signs. we have sex like rabbits in heat. how did i not see it?



[text]: And now I dropped my phone on my face

[text]: this is too good

[text]: I got the better looking fairy. 

[text]: suck it

[text] You said there would be shiny things.

[text] did you lie to me?
[text] that hurts…
[text] why did you do that to my wee little heart?

[text]: im sure theres something near you

[text]: what do I know? i’m laying in bed with a bowl of cereal

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"No. Should I do that? Will that work?"

"Okay, I hate to advise and run but, I think I may pass out and or throw up. Blood is not my forte. I would say go to a hospital or ask someone knowledgable. Such as Charlie or one of the other lovely gods roaming around here.”